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Your employee benefits plans may contain complex structures, unusual regulatory compliance situations, challenging administrative and human resources issues, or a need for customized solutions. BPS&M can help. Our consultants can identify opportunities as well as challenges ― from addressing financial requirements to resolving complex compliance problems.

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Defined Benefit Plan Consulting. We can help you with plan design, actuarial valuations, compliance testing, participant communications, and more.

Defined Contribution Plan Consulting. Our experienced consultants provide advice and guidance to companies with unusually challenging administrative issues or very complex plan designs.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Consulting. Our consultants work with your legal, investment, tax, and accounting teams to implement customized, compliant, nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements and options.

Health & Welfare Plan Consulting. Our consultants offer guidance on comprehensive financial risk management strategies, plan design, negotiation skills, regulatory compliance, discrimination testing, and plan administration.

Specialized Benefits Reporting & Analytics, Change Management & Communications. We work with you from goal setting to benchmarking, focus groups, and surveys to create an ongoing communications strategy and materials that deliver a clear and consistent message to your participants.

ESOP Consulting & Administration. Our ESOP experts can help you with feasibility analyses, plan designs, and compliance testing.

Technical & Research Services. When new legislation is passed, regulations are released, or court decisions are announced, our consultants analyze the changes and let you know how they may affect your plans.

Strategic Employer Wellness. Our consultants can help you with wellness program assessment, business case development, communications strategy, vendor selection, project management and measurement.

HR Service Delivery. We partner with organizational leadership to analyze how HR is performing, improve processes, and select and implement technology solutions.

Compensation & Rewards. We listen to you and provide guidance on important business decisions regarding salary management, annual and long-term incentive pay, equity-based plans, and executive-only benefits.