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We partner with organizational leadership to enhance the HR function. This includes analyzing how HR is performing, improving processes, and selecting and implementing technology solutions. Our HR service delivery consultants can extend HR's reputation as a strategic function that is fully aligned with business objectives.

Our HR service delivery experts can help you with:

  • HR Service Delivery strategy development
    • Compression Planning Framework
  • Project initiation
    • Charter creation
    • Governance structure and escalation model
    • Project plan development
  • HR Assessments
    • HR service delivery survey
    • HR time allocation study
    • HR skills inventory
    • HR workforce planning and staffing
  • Process Improvement
    • Current state evaluation
    • Technology opportunities and deployment
    • Written and/or graphic documentation
  • Technology Selection
    • Requests for information (RFI)
    • Requests for proposal (RFP)
    • Development of functional requirements
    • Initial vendor selection
    • Preparation, distribution, analysis, and scoring RFI/RFP
    • Finalist recommendation
    • Vendor contract and pricing benchmarking and negotiations

For more information contact Tom Swain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 615.665.5319.